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The NanoCube

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

The NanoCube is a smart lighting product unlike anything you’ve seen before. Advanced technology that would have filled your entire garage a generation ago now stuffed into a 6 by 6 by 6 inch box of pure joy, this is technological progress at its finest.

This LED cube will adapt to its surroundings by adjusting to ambient temperatures, light intensities, and human presence. A motion detector recognizes if you’re in the room to turn the device on or off (in addition to a physical button). A photoresistor detects ambient lighting and sets the cube’s brightness accordingly. Lastly, a temperature sensor adjusts the cube’s hue to mimic surrounding temperatures via color.

Design Requirements:

1. Have a rectangular casing

2. Collect environmental data

3. Respond to that data

Design Features:

The NanoCube sports a sleek, rectangular casing of quarter-inch acrylic, laser cut with precision to perfectly intertwine. 60 brilliant LEDs are nestled inside, delivering two sides of saturated, radiant color. Furthermore, a 5,000mAh battery provides all-day enjoyment, and even well into the night.


Printed Circuit Board:

Pins: 2 SMD buttons (left), LDR photoresistor (top right), TMP36 (right center), PIR motion detector (bottom right), power (top center), Arduino connection (bottom center)

All in all, the NanoCube offers a great way to energize any space. NanoCube 2.0 coming next fall will feature five new modes, a wider range of beautiful colors, music syncing, and phone controls.

See the full expo poster here:

A photo is worth a thousand words:

And a video is worth a million more:

Created by:

Aidain King (left), Aditya Gopalan (center), and Connor Humiston (right)

#NanoCube #ElectricalEngineering #Arduino #LaserCutting #LEDs


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