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Creating a wearable device is a complicated task that begins with ideation and prototyping: the goal of this week's design challenge.

Choosing from a given word bank, the following words were selected as inspiration:

- Coffee

- Emotion

A black mirror inspired wearable, the Mood Watch helps users stay awake and control their moods with caffeine & hormone patches that stick to your skin or attach to a watch band.

Prototype 1:

Some feedback for this "Look" prototype is that the patch/watch should be user controlled rather than automatic. In other words, the user should be able to chose when they want a dose of something rather than the computer monitoring vitals to decide for them.

Prototype 2:

Feedback for this prototype: People liked the interface's simplicity, but wanted an on/off button in case of the worst.

Prototype 3: Look/Feel Finalized

Here's the final prototype! Building from previous feedback and prototype ideas, the watch band and simple emotions page came together. Get yours now!


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