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Letter H

What do three TAM students at 5pm design lab have in common? The last initial H.

This week, we were challenged to create an illustration out of that shared letter that represents both its core essence and the essence of the typeface you choose to display it in. We chose the Ramaraja font to define our H for its bold serifs that feel structured, formal, confident, and established like our personalities. The following 9 images illustrate our font prototypes. The order reveals the fonts we liked most.

This H took inspiration from the well-known brand, Tommy Hilfiger. It delivers bold style and a feeling of quality.

With an outline like the Golden Gate Bridge, these H's could be part of a beacHHead logo.

A prototype at most, this colorful H contrasts the classical font.

Does Hilton Hotels sound familiar? Fancy and elegant gold comes to mind for this H.


Stars with a TILT

Cloudy Days

The purple cursive adds to the formality of the dark, stable H background.

All in all, although we live in a world surrounded by fonts, we might not notice the design choices made to convey different feelings. In the end, it is important to consider how fonts and colors can bring a meaning to life.


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