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Film Concept

Highball Movie Poster Design

Movie Synopsis:

Triangle, Circle, Square, Hexagon and Trapezoid are a tight-knit club of con artists united in theft since high school. This time, though, the group of swindlers have graduated to the big-leagues with plans to take on Sin City. Although their sophisticated casino robbery seems to be spinning smoother than a Bellagio slot machine at first, the team starts to suspect Circle, who's actually the largest shareholder in casino insurance companies. Circle reveals his secret mid-heist, but the crew's fate is just as iffy as a game of roulette.

Design choices:

The active whitespace between the title and the falling poker chips emphasizes the movie's title, Highball. Furthermore, the lack of passive whitespace between letters conveys the glamour, excitement, and connections of the Las Vegas vibe. The unbalanced falling poker chips also communicates the movie's action genre with instability and movement. All in all, white space is an important creative tool that can be utilized to illustrate meaning.


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