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Expressive Booklet

KFC's Apology Letter

In February of 2018, the United Kingdom KFCs ran out of chicken, or at least that's what KFC claimed. The apology letter on the right was one of many advertisements circling the internet, and gaining publicity for the company.

The purpose of this project was to typographically express the content of this ad in an accordion booklet that conveys its mood. Avenir (learn more about this font in my type specimen) and Baskerville font faces were utilized to express KFC's combination their serif mistake with the attempt at mending it toward an Avenir future.

The prints exhibited below have trim/bleed lines that represent where the paper is cut and folded. Also note that the pages are 11x17 with an inch worth of bleed, making the accordion pages 5x4. Enjoy!

First Page

Second Page

Third Page

Fourth Page

Pictures of the final accordion booklet will be added after I can get them back (after COVID-19 ends).


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