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Design Intervention

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

CU Boulder is constantly under construction. There's construction within view of almost every point on campus, and new buildings spring up every year. One of these was is the CASE building where every square inch was well thought out, which makes sense as this is one of the first spaces potential applicants visit for their tour of CU. One area, however, was misunderstood. The problem: maneuvering the CASE building walkway is difficult, especially if you're going toward the UMC.

The red arrow points to the side lacking a walkway to the UMC

The hill on the right side of the building has become a muddy path because there is no shortcut walkway leading to the UMC there. Our challenge is coming up with a clever design solution for this issue.

The following illustrations show my group's solution ideas.

Now it's time to revise and prototype!


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