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Counterfeit Design

After taking a typography class, you start to notice things you didn't before. Stretched text, un-kerned (the spacing between letters) words, incorrect punctuation, ligature use (the connections between close letters), and paragraph rivers to name a few. Given the skills to fix these typographic sins, or just any annoying advertisement, why not use them?

The goal of this activity was to utilize Indesign (and I cheated a little and also used photoshop for the imagery) to both create an identical copy of a bothersome poster, and an inconspicuous variation of it.

Here is the original.

Original Poster

Here is my best shot at a copy of the original poster using Indesign.

My copy of the original, replacing all the letters with my own as well as the solid backgrounds.

Looks pretty similar, huh? First, I photoshopped the text off of the background. Next, Futura was chosen to match the original poster's fonts, and finally, the color picker was used to match colors in the smaller shapes.

With the fonts matched and images prepared, the only sensible next step would be to make a knockoff.


Notice the slight variations-barely noticeable to the supervisor who originally hung up the poster, but wildly different to those actually reading.

FYI, I chose this poster because I'm allergic to peanuts.


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